Membership Appliance Form

Anyone who satisfies the membership conditions, which were determined in accordance with Article 4 of the TKT Regulation, can apply to become a member. After application, the decision for admission to membership is made by the Steering Committee. In order for candidates to apply for membership they should:

1- Have the competence to use civil rights and they should be over 18 years old,

2- It is expected that the applicant fulfills at least 1 (one) of the following criteria.

The member should meet at least one of the following requirements in relation to Kant’s philosophy:

  1. Having a master’s degree
  2. Have a doctorate degree
  3. Having worked on Kant Philosophy in the post-doctorate process
  4. Having done at least one publication / translation in a refereed journal
  5. Having a book publication, either a copyright book or a translation.

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